Welcome to The TIBI Experience.

We want to bring you on our trip through the best restaurants, cocktail bars, lunch places, experiences – you name it, through the South of Spain.

Behind the TIBI team are three ex-pats, who have all been here close to a decade, but with completely different backgrounds. Nevertheless, we share a passion for service. Not just service, but service on the highest level possible. We will work to fulfil the needs you did not know you had or have not spoken of yet.

The past year we have worked hard to ensure the best possible experiences for you through our Concierge services. Furthermore, we will enlighten you in the #tibiexperience by tasting us through the Coast. We will tell you the stories behind, and share the passion of those, who make The Costa Del Sol worth visiting.

The tone will be light, cheerful and hopefully entertaining.

What is stated throughout the blog is our personal opinion and only influenced by what we experience.

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