Spring is here!

We at TIBI Concierge love to read and hear about our guests expectations for Costa del Sol and what they plan to do, while staying here. We  spoke with Sofie, who is 20 years old, about her “dos and don’ts” for her stay.

Enjoy the read, we hope it can inspire you.



By Sofie Nyholm Henriksen

Spring is here! + 20 degrees celcius and the sun is shining from a clear sky in the South of Spain.

I have never dreamed of such wonderful weather already in the beginning of April, but I certainly do not complain. Back home in Denmark, where I just came from, it has almost just snowed, so I praise myself happily for being in this holiday paradise, surrounded by welcoming Spaniards. Over the next few weeks, I will be exploring the Spanish culture and its many sights. I have many expectations, but I’m almost certain that Costa del Sol will not disappoint me, on the contrary.

Spain has a lot to offer, but especially two cities, have awakened some interest in me. My expectations are especially high for the port cities of Marbella and Puerto Banus. Over the years, the port cities have built up a luxurious image that attracts tourists from all over the world. Along the cities’ waterfront, you can take a walk while enjoying the view of the many yachts that are located in the harbor. If your wallet is loaded, there are also loads of opportunities to take a look in the many exclusive shops. Shopping or not, I definitely think both ports are worth a visit.

Beside exclusive yachts, fashion shops and harbor promenades, I also have high expectations for the Spanish nature. I have, like so many others, previously been on summer vacation in Spain. From there, I especially remember the many mountains, beautiful beaches and beautiful orange trees that were planted in several places along the roadside.

Fortunately, my memory has not failed, because it is exactly as beautiful as I remember it. Where I live, there is a roof terrace, and from there you can see beyond the entire coast, which is a completely enchanting sight.

Spain, like other countries, has its very own specialties. The country is known for tapas, gazpacho, paella and much much more. I look forward to exploring the Spanish kitchen, as well as visiting a lot of cozy and local restaurants, and seeing what they have to offer.

So far, traveling to the sunny coast has only resulted in positive experiences, so I am sure that the coming weeks will probably be good and eventful.


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