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A BMW i8 is one of the most unique cars on the market today. It is a stunningly designed plug-in hybrid sports car that combines the best fuel economy with raw power. Featuring 4 racing-style bucket seats, vertical-opening doors, and a spectacularly economical hybrid engine, the BMW i8 is fun to drive, beautiful to look at, and cheap to run.

High-quality, natural leather seats and accents are finished in classic colours for a sophisticated appeal. As always, state of the art technology and features are included to ensure a safe, comfortable drive whilst the aesthetics are never compromised. Both driver and passenger are in for a thrilling ride!

The hybrid combination means that the driver has a choice of driving styles to suit his or her needs, whether that be speed and performance, or eco-friendly and comfortable. No matter the occasion, this innovative supercar will adapt, for a memorable journey every single time.


Price high season/day from: € 723,58
Price low season/day from: € 723,58
DEPOSIT: € 7.000,00

Min days of hire: 2 days
KM incl./day: 180 km

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